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Do you need powerful data collection software to run on a Windows CE mobile device? We develop simple to operate, fast scanning programs. Our functionality is only possible with programmed solutions. We sell our mobile barcode reader applications with or without the associated scanner hardware. Barcoding scanning solutions can be used in many applications including inventory management.

Easy Configuration

Programs are easily configured with the following optional features:

  • Auto-Complete On or Off
  • Location, PO or Group field is Not Used, Optional, or Required.
  • Enable Master File Validation
  • Expand UPC-E
  • Return System and/ or Check Digit for UPC-E, Expanded UPC-E, UPC-A and EAN codes
  • Enable Audible Alarm
  • Allow Negative Quantities.
Advanced Features
  • An inventory master file can be placed on the mobile computer. Number of items is limited by memory, but easily supports more than 100,000 items.
  • Optionally, scanned items are validated against the master file. If the item does not exist, the unit beeps and the user is giving the opportunity to accept, scan again or enter the item information manually.
  • Optionally a 20 character group code can be entered. Used for inventory locations (i.e., Aisle A, End cap B) or PO# for receiving.
  • Optionally, if item is not found, user must enter a brief description. Item is added to the master file separately and available for upload.
Active Sync for Real Time Data Collection

The application will interface with your system on a wireless or wired connection. Master files are downloaded to the mobile device on program start-up if changed. Transactions and optionally Master File additions can be off-loaded at any time.

Example Inventory Data Gathering Screen

The below screen illustrates the main data collection screen used for inventory counting, receiving and returns.

The data entry screen has these fields:

  1. Barcode
    Cleared after each transaction.
  2. Quantity
    Reset to default after each complete transaction.
  3. Default
    Checked if default quantity is used. If Quantity is changed and this is manually, it becomes the new default.
  4. Descriptive fields (Description, Price, Part number)
    Blanked after each transaction. Pulls from master file. Optionally entered for items not found.
  5. Auto
    Change auto-complete behavior. When checked a valid scan completes the transaction without pressing enter. In this mode any quantity changes must be input before scanning.
  6. Group
    Optional Field usually for Location or PO
  7. Trans - Transaction Count
  8. Items - Number of item in master file

Data Collection Screen
Sample Inventory Data Collection Screen

The data entry screen has these functions:

  1. OK
    Completes the transaction and clears the screen.
    Becomes Forward when viewing prior transaction.
  2. Back
    Displays prior transactions. Can be pressed repeatedly.
  3. Clear
  4. Delete
    Available only when viewing prior transactions.
Simple, Powerful Data Collection


Each application is custom-built to your specifications. We draw on our existing application library and experienced programmers to make it cost-effective for our customers. Call 952-745-4941 for a custom quote.

Mitten Software Can Help Develop Your Data Collection Needs.

Contact 952-745-4941, ask for Jim.    Or send an e-mail to


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