Example Source Code

Example Source Code apps are fully developed programs that represent hundreds of work-hours in development. They have a few flaws, so we sell them dirt cheap. Most of the code can be used as-is with little modification. It is designed for the developer who want to get a jump start on their programming projects. If you can save yourself one-two hours of work, they pay for themselves. Most developers will save hundreds of hours and learn valuable tricks along the way.

RAD Accounting

A comprehensive modular Accounting System. Use modules individually, or combine them to produce an integrated system. Add your own custom applications around the system to produce your own suite of packages.  

  • Designed in Clarion, RAD allows you to produce a backend accounting system.
  • Source code for all modules is available and can be changed as you like. You can have an Accounting System of your own up and running quickly.
  • Standard functions allow you to pass data directly from your application into the accounting system without worry. And, because you have the source code, you can modify the intake in anyway you wish.
RAD Highlights:
  • Budgeting and 3 years of data in General Ledger.
  • User-definable Customer and Vendor Fields.
  • User-definable financial periods.
  • Clear and consistently designed screens.
  • User-definable Aging periods.
  • Immediate or batch update to the General Ledger..
  • Automatic or manual payment allocation
  • Full drill-down facilities in General Ledger, and in Customer and Vendor accounts.
  • Comprehensive Reporting including Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aged Analysis, Invoice Due Dates, Transaction Logs, Customer Statements, Turnover Analysis, etc.
  • Payment Terms and Credit Limits.
  • Multiple Taxes.
  • Single and Multi-line invoices.
General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Job Costing and Bank Reconciliation modules are all available.

Order It Buy all five RAD Accounting modules for only $99.



Yes Clarion 5 Yes Clarion 5.5 Yes Clarion 6
Yes Clarion Templates Yes ABC Templates Yes Clarion 8

RAD Messenger

The Messenger is designed to consolidate all of your messages and contact information from a variety of sources.  Keep the important information at your fingertips!

To-Do Lists, Appointment Lists, and Calendars allow you to organize your workload and review the status of various jobs and projects. Relate messages to each other by using the unique thread view to see the build up of correspondence on a particular subject.

Using the database relationships, you can easily display your messages by subject, contact name, company, date, message type, or To-Do date. Or you can use the Query Wizard for complex multi-field selection and analysis.

Messenger Highlights:

  • To-Do Lists
  • Appointment Schedules
  • Calendar Views
  • Message Management
  • Contact Management
  • Import from ASCII Files (CIS, e-mail, other)
  • Data Export
  • Message Query and Analysis
  • User Defined Fields
  • Unlimited Contacts and Messages
  • Multiple Databases with Unlimited Sections
  • Fast, Easy Search Facilities
RAD Messenger is only $49.

Please note: We have held costs to the minimum. Therefore, all support on example source code is chargeable.


Yes Clarion 5 Yes Clarion 5.5 Yes Clarion 6
Yes Clarion Templates No ABC Templates No Clarion 8