Mitten Software Profile

Mitten Software applies technology and common-sense solutions to solve business problems in a cost-effective manner since 1988.

We develop and publish a variety of time-saving, value-added tools, services and accessories for other developers.  Our latest product, Flexible Web List, securely web enables a database with little or no programming and puts the user in control of the presentation.  It can easily be extended with the latest Microsoft technologies.

We provide custom solutions with an international network of professionals with the best skills at competitive prices. We provide consulting, design, analysis, programming, QA, DBA and project management both remotely and on-site.


Apply Technology and Common-Sense Solutions To Solve Business Problems In A Cost-Effective Manner.

Successful Projects Include:

  • Flexible Web Lists for fast building of data generated web sites.
  • Web based flexible survey system.
  • Web Stores for B2B
  • Data Collection on Windoows CE devices
  • Web based system for task management
  • Expert System for Auditing and Investigations
  • Internet-Based Facility Management and Scheduling
  • Internet-Based Private EDI system with Transactions into the Billions of Dollars
  • Customer Management, Shipping and Invoicing Systems
  • Contact management and Lead Tracking Systems
  • Payment Processing Systems
  • Materials Management System
  • Development and Publishing of numerous programming tools and books
  • Point-of-Sale systems
  • Accounting systems

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