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Boxsoft Super Templates








Order ItOrder Super Tagging v9.02 C6 to C9 $50 $30 $149
Order ItOrder Super Security v9.02 C6 to C9 $75 $30 $199
Order ItOrder Super QBE (Query by Example) v9.02 C6 to C9 $75 $30 $199
Order ItOrder Super Invoice v9.02 C6 to C9 $50 $30 $149
Order ItOrder Super PassCode v9.02 C6 to C9 $75 $30 $199
Order ItOrder Super Multi-User Limiter v9.02 C6 to C9 $75 $30 $199
Order ItOrder Super Import/Export v9.02 C6 to C9 $50 $30 $199
Order ItOrder Super Field Filler v9.02 C6 to C9 $35 $30 $79
Order ItOrder Super Browse v9.02 C6 to C9 $60 $30 $149
Order ItOrder Super Stuff v9.02 C6 to C9 $60 $30 $149

Upgrade Policy

Customers get the latest technical releases for their version when ordered through the Internet. Customers get substantial discounts on future enhanced versions. Try "Easy Update" now.
Products ordered in the last year are generally free. Create a zero cost order to get a receipt with the correct passwords.
You must order directly with Mitten Software to obtain upgrade pricing. You can e-mail, fax or phone us as described below.
Products are available from our FTP site as password protected installation programs. A demo program is available from the download page. Get source code and licensed use with a password. Technical updates address problems we created. Customers get technical updates for one year from purchase. Major releases add features and functions or address problems caused by changes in operating systems or Clarion versions. Customers typically receive a 50% to 80% discount off the list price on a future major releases.
Mitten Software has been publishing Third-Party Products for Clarion since 1988. The popular "Super" Templates series includes many products that are the first of their category.

Other Ways to Order

By Phone - Call 952-745-4941 - 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

By Fax - 952-745-4944

By e-mail - Get a response in one business day. Include the following information:
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  • Credit card number, expiration date, CCV code from back
  • Product(s) ordered
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90 Day Money-Back Product Guarantee

VISA, MasterCard,AMEX and Discover accepted.    Prices are subject to change without notice.

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