Super Templates for Clarion

Easy Ad Hoc Queries with Super QBE (Query by Example). for Clarion
  • Use a wizard or forms style query.
  • Store queries for later reuse.
  • Improved performance and flexibility over earlier versions.
  • Perform query operations and automatically display the search results in your browse.
  • Built-in query wizard in addition to forms style query.
  • Use multiple Boolean operators like equals, not equals, begins with, contains, less than, more than, inside range and more.
  • Tag all matching records, or display each record to optionally edit it.
  • Toggle a Browse between showing "All" records or just "Tagged" records.
  • Add a filter to a Report or Process so that only tagged records are used by the procedure.
  • Use Super QBE as as advanced records locator.
  • Easily control various general options that impact the entire QBE system.
  • A Control template placed on a Form performs most searching operations and interface control.

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Wizard Style Queries
Wizard Style Queries

Match Conditions
Match Conditions

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No Clarion 5 No Clarion 5.5 Yes Clarion 6
Yes Clarion Templates Yes ABC Templates Yes Clarion 8 to 11

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