Super Templates for Clarion

Build Powerful Browses with Super Browse for Clarion.

Perform in-line data entry on a regular browse. Do updates on a browse without a separate form. Enter data directly on the browse. Identify entry controls on your window, and they're automatically placed on the browse for in-place data-entry. Provide along with your regular update form if desired.

  • Get action headers.  Use column headers to change sort orders. Press the header a second time to reverse the sort order. Optionally, use the headers to select tabs, use a built-in key or a custom order.
  • Bold tabs highlight current order.
  • Supports Rolodex-style tabs to locate records.
  • Control selector bar color for "inactive browses" on mutil-browse windows.
  • Display Locatior enables your users to see the locator value as they type it. This control template uses a string on the window to display the current value of an incremental locator.

All Super Browse code is visible in the template - no black-box DLLs!

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Super Browse Screen
Super Browse Screen

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No Clarion 5 No Clarion 5.5 Yes Clarion 6
Yes Clarion Templates Yes ABC Templates Yes Clarion 8 to 11

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