Super Templates for Clarion

Protection from Unauthorized Access with Super Security.
  • Easily restrict access to procedures, update operations and fields.
  • Use either level or door oriented security.
  • Allows on-time or permanent "manager override" on a global or local basis.
  • Includes DoorEdit for user maintenance.
  • Edit global and local "access denied" messages and text to suit your needs.
  • Restrict access to Browse operations like Insert, Change and Delete.
  • Control the Level or Door, the "Access Denied" message, and Manager override ability for each operation.
  • Unavailable operations can have their button disabled, hidden, or available with an "Access Denied" message.
  • Restrict access to window and report controls. Any or all of the window or report controls can be affected, each having its own level/door and disable/hide setting.
  • Optionally check for previous log-on at start-up or at the first security check.
  • Backdoor user name for your system support needs.
  • Execute code depending on the user's access rights.
  • Call procedures directly like ChkPass® and Logon®.

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Super Security Logon Screen
Super Security Logon Screen

Super Security User Maintenance Screen
Super Security User Maintenance Screen

Super Security Run-Time Access Controls
Super Security Run-Time Access Controls

Product Download Version Released Links
Order ItGet Super Security
No Clarion 5 No Clarion 5.5 Yes Clarion 6
Yes Clarion Templates Yes ABC Templates Yes Clarion 8 to 11

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