Super Templates for Clarion

Add Advanced Clarion Tagging Support with Super Tagging.
  • Create fast reports and processes.
  • Super Tagging tags records in a file for later processing by the Report or Process templates.
  • Store tags in memory or in files.
  • Save and load sets of tags with a user-specified name.
  • Icon support for tags and buttons.
  • Windows-style marking (Click, Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click); Tag, Untag, TagAll, UnTagAll and ToggleAll.
  • Support Multi-user and multiple tags on a single file for separate operations.

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Super Tagging Options, All Can Be Hidden
Super Tagging Options, All Can Be Hidden
Super Tagging Windows-Style Marking
Super Tagging Windows-Style Marking

Product Download Version Released Links
Order It Get Super Tagging

No Clarion 5 No Clarion 5.5 Yes Clarion 6
Yes Clarion Templates Yes ABC Templates Yes Clarion 8 to 11

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