Fast Clarion SQL Conversions and Advanced MS-SQL Support


Do you have a conventional file system that needs to be converted to SQL?

Do you have a indexed files like Topspeed TPS files, Clarion DAT files or Btrieve?

Do you need help managing and optimizing your SQL system?

Convert a Clarion Program to SQL in Under 5 Minutes.

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SQL Development Checklist

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How is the SQL Conversion Done Fast?

  • Template generated scripts from dictionary for:
    • Table definition
    • Grants
    • Indexes
    • Constraints
    • Data conversion
  • Templates make SQL compatible file definitions and connection code in Clarion from non-SQL definitions. Handles issues like arrays, date and time fields and reserved words.
  • SQL options come from configuration file.
  • Application code needs little or no change to run. However, programs require a system test and usually some tuning for sensitive areas.

Benefits of This Approach

  • Tested code and scripts
  • Fast conversions
  • Elimination of Error-prone monkey work
  • Real cost savings

How Does This Work?

  • Templates are offered in conjunction with professional services from Mitten Software.
  • We oversee the conversion process and partner with the local development staff.
  • 1 day minimum when done remotely.
  • Often 2-5 day project depending on size and composition of the database and experience level of support staff.
  • We are available long term to help with complex debugging and tuning issues and template updates.

Mitten Software Can Help with Your SQL Development Needs.

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