SQL Conversion Checklist


Here's the initial tasks to perform in a Clarion SQL conversion project.

These tasks can be automated with our templates in done in minutes on your application with our assistance.

  • Modify Files Headers
    • Change Table Name
    • Change Owner
    • Remove Create Attribute
    • Remove Encrypt Attribute
    • Change File Driver
    • Make sure table names are not reserved words
  • Modify data fields
    • Make sure column names are not reserved words
    • Handle dates and time fields differently for SQL 2000, 2005 or 2008
    • Convert dimensioned fields to unique instance fields in up to two dimensions.
    • Move memo fields inside the record structure when record size is under 8k.
    • Convert field names in a manner that does force rewriting the application.
  • Generate Clarion Code
    • Store the Server / Database name into a user configurable area.
    • Establish the initial SQL connection.
    • Generate SQL compatible code.
  • Generate SQL scripts
    • Table creation
    • Index creation from every key and index
    • Grant Access
    • Foreign Key Constraints from every file relationship
  • Load existing data into SQL
  • Allow programs to be built as SQL or non-SQL through configuration, not code changes to allow for separate environments for testing, maintenance and distribution.

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