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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Flexible Web List look like?
How do you use it?
How do you create a Master Profile?
How do you create a User Profile?
What security is in place?
How do users manage their profiles?
How is it delivered?
How much does it cost?
What are the system requirements?

What Does It Look Like?

Video User Experience (2:45)

Ask the person that set it up! <g>

Below are some user-made examples. The possibilities are endless.

Example 1 of a Flexible Web List

Example 2 of a Flexible Web List

Example 3 of a Flexible Web List

Flexible Web List uses "Profiles". A profile defines a view of the information from your database. You customize each profiles to display some or all of the columns in their collection.

The users choice of profiles are available in a drop list. They can do the following:
  • Switch to a different profile.
  • Edit that profile.
  • Manage all of their profiles.
  • Quickly change Filter conditions.
  • Print all the rows within scope.
  • Page through their selection.

Example Screen

Presentation color scheme is under administrative control. Changes to the style are effective right away. No need to wait for a programming change to update the look and feel.

How do you use it?

The user must log in. We customize Flexible Web List to fit seamlessly into your web presence. It comes with a complete security class, or can be modified to use yours. You get "Delete", "Update" and "View" security doors for every Master Profile and many standard doors for administration functions.

All the profiles can be run directly from a link that can saved as a bookmark or shortcut. One log-in is needed during a session.

How do you create a Master Profile?

Video Make Master Profile from View (2:02)

A Master Profile contains all the data fields and controls that may displayed by the user. It's a list represented by a view or single table supplemented with controls like edit and delete. If the view is already built, no additional programming is needed. You can create unlimited Master Profiles.

Run the WebLiistUtil program to update a Master Profile from a view or table. It creates tokens, default styles and headers for each column and control. The program administrator then reviews the defaults. A typical change is on the column headers and horizontal justification rules.

How do you create a user profile?

Video Create Web List Profile (3:39)

Shared or private profiles can be copied or a new profile can be established from a master profile. A four step wizard is used. A profile can be set up as public to be used by all users with credentials.

Step 1 - General Profile Creation

Fill in some general information and defaults.

Step 2 - Choose and Order Columns

Move the columns that you want to see to the right side and sequence them as you wish.

Optional Step 2b - Change Column or Header Style Options

Column headers and data can have different styles.

Step 3 - Set Filter conditions

Any of the fields in the Master Profile can be selected as a filter condition. The conditions can be joined with And/Or conditions and nested in parenthesis.

Step 4 - Set the Default Sort Order

The columns can be clicked to override the sort order at run time. This establishes the default sort sequence. The user can override the sort order by clicking on column headers.

Click Finish and the profile can be used. Filters and Sort Orders can be overridden at run time without making a permanent change to the user profile.

What security is in place?

Column Style Options

How Do Users Manage Their Profiles?

Profile Management

How is it delivered?

Flexible Web List is delivered as ASPX pages with code-behind object. We make sure that it is configured to your specifications. We go through a process to see how mature your web delivery, security and database capability so we can provide the appropriate tools, class libraries and support.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how much support is needed. A custom quote is presented after we finish the scoping and specification process. The base package starts at $1500 and increases based on the number of concurrent users and product scope. We provide a free quote for you upon request. You can try it risk-free for 90 days.

What are the system requirements?
  1. Any database engine supported by .NET. This includes most SQL databases, ACCESS and some others. 
  2. IIS Server.

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