Experience for Hire

Need help with your development projects? Let our experienced consultants guide you through the process. Get great results fast. Get help with a wide variety of projects from full-service to limited scope engagements.

Save big money by having 80-100% of the project performed in our offices. No need to provide facilities and equipment. Timely communication is provided by e-mail, fax and phone. Remote access is used for software installation, trouble-shooting and software reviews. This allows us to perform work anywhere in the world at a good price.

Join our growing list of large and small clients that include:

  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Companies
  • Government Agencies and Education Institutions
  • Financial and Insurance Organizations
  • Software Developers and Service Companies

Internet Applications

Develop complete Internet solutions or portals into your existing applications. We use code generators with ASP or ASP.net generated code to build applications quickly. We work with off-shore developers to finish the work at low cost.
  • File Transfer Wizards.
  • Scheduling Applications.
  • Resource Management.
  • Electronic store fronts.
  • Database access through the Internet.

Total Project Development

Complete a project with minimal use of in-house resources. We work closely with users to assemble system requirements, develop, test and implement. We perform all phases of program development. Together we develop policies and procedures, write system documentation and help screens, and manage the project. We normally follow a prototype style methodology with defined checkpoints and status reports so you know what to expect.

Consultative Development

If you can make a basic program, but need help with advanced features, then this popular arrangement is for you. Used by developers exploring their programming limits. You develop the program. We perform periodic reviews and show you how to fix flaws and improve processing. Optionally, we'll write special modules, give you the source and explain its functions.

Diagnostic & Performance Reviews

Give your program a clean bill of health. We take your project and subject it to an exhaustive checklist review. We examine system performance, maintainability, database design, proper variable usage, program organization and other concerns. You get a specific plan to improve your program with opportunities for improvement clearly identified.


Take the worry of fixing big problems. We make your program work. You supply us with a list of known defects or features that need implementation. We do the rest. 

Windows Conversions

Convert your existing DOS program to Windows quickly. There is no automatic conversion possible to Windows, but with our tools and experience you get an equivalent program fast.

Internet Conversions

Convert your existing program to run on the Web. We use Microsoft-based tools to get the job done. Our FlexibleWebList product allows to develop many pages without writing codes and provide a high degree of end-user flexibility.

Vertical Applications

We have experience developing a wide range of vertical applications.

  • An expert system for audit and investigation work
  • Internet file transfer utilities and wizards
  • Customer management, shipping and invoicing systems
  • Contact management and lead tracking systems
  • Materials management system
  • Developed and published numerous programming tools and books
  • Point-of-Sale systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Payment processing systems

Ask Yourself...

  • Do I need quality programs at reasonable prices?
  • Do I want help with planning and design through development, testing, implementation and support?

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Mitten Software is located in Long Lake, MN. We serve clients globally. We provide local service to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Call us for fast web site programming, SQL Conversions, Clarion, and database applications without programming.