ISAM to SQL Clarion Templates

Populate SQL database easily from your Clarion dictionary. ISAM2SQL
Optimize your SQL database quickly with triggers, constraints and indexes from your dictionary. A Clarion dictionary for ISAM files is more SQL-worthy than you think. These templates take a giant leap toward making an optimal SQL-based application.
Scripts and programs include:
  1) Data conversion
  2) Optimal data access - indexes and constraints
  3) Data management, Cascade triggers, purge autoinc records

        ISAM2SQL is available is Donateware. Donateware is similar to Shareware. This is a sophisticated product sold to a very limited market. We expect everyone that benefits from the product to contribute based on the benefit received and support requested.

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ISAM2SQL Utility Template Prompts.
ISAM to SQL Template Prompts

Product Download Version Released Links
ISAM2SQL.ZIP 8.00 May 8, 2012 ISAM 2 SQL Templates


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